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See you again soon …

July 4, 2006
Thanks for your kind words, gifts, emails and warm messages in the last few days and earlier today during our Good Bye PicNic Party.
It was great to spend the last hours of this long week-end with all of you to celebrate July 4th and see you in person a last time before our move to Asia. Thanks also for your beautiful gifts: great picks on wine, books and arts !
If you want to know more about Curtis and have a look again at the incredible pictures of Curtis you can visit these 2 links: Mamalelekala and Naemahl punkuma.
We also enclose a copy of the Good Bye message we shared with you earlier. Thanks again all for coming and we look forward to hearing from you pretty soon. You know where to find us: 😉
Bon ete a tous!
Francoise, Olivier, Hugo, Louise, Alice.

Seattle, July 4th 2006 – Good bye message


This is always an interesting exercise to say good bye to Friends. Especially a 4th of July…


On July 4, 1776, the United States claimed their independence from Britain and Democracy was born.


Every day thousands leave their homeland to come to the "land of the free and the home of the brave" so they can begin their American Dream.


For the almost last 5 years we had the chance to live a part of the American Dream. And no later that this last week-end, while we were hiking in the snow of Mount Rainier national park, we remembered one more time how lucky we had been to be in the beautiful region for so long.


We will miss this region and we will miss you.


But we wanted this departure to be a moment of joy, in the spirit of July 4th. A moment of friends and families getting together to celebrate freedom, independence, tolerance and openness. Yesterday I sold one of our cars to Khalid Masude. Khalid was going through the pain of moving from one country to an other, like many of you and us did or are about to do.


I am sure that Gregory who just arrived from France (let me introduce you to Gregory)… can relate to that…


So, Khalid is coming from Canada and just arrived in Bellevue as a Telecom engineer. His family is still in Canada and will join him in a few weeks. He has spent his childhood in Pakistan, in Lahore. Right before he lived in Dubai and worked in London. Khalid and I had a discussion yesterday about being far from your own country, feeling expatriate and simultaneously a true citizen of the world.


This is a pretty unique and pretty extraordinary sentiment that the one of feeling connected to all the people in the world, wherever you go.

And the US, whatever we say, whatever we hear, whoever the President or the administration is, whatever the news are… remains and will remain for a long time a fantastic country and an unbelievable “integration machine”.


Today Praveen and his family became officially US citizens. Congrats Praveen! Praveen and his family are one amongst millions of people who became US citizen since the creation of this country. They are one more proof that the US are a true melting pot.


A few months back we were in New York and we visited Ellis Island with the family. And I can tell you that it was a pretty moving experience and that, as US permanent residents who just got their green cards, all the Ribet were able to relate personally to the destiny of thousands of Europeans who arrived in the US a few years back.


The stay in the US was definitively one of the best professional and personal experience


Like many of you we are expatriate. And when you feel far from you country, you develop rapidly new connections with people who are like you… far from their country

The result? A lot of fiestas, celebrations, parties, dinners, picnics, hikes, trips to the national parks, visits to the San Juan or flights to Vegas, Chicago, the Keys in Florida, California, Hawai, Vancouver, New York and so on.


This was the occasion to develop new friendships who will last forever.


It was also the occasion to discover.


Discover new language and new friends


New recipes and new cultures. Ah the Northwest culture… tons of things to say about it but running out of time…


New rhythms of life and new landscapes


But also, and this is probably the biggest discovery… new vision of the world


Suddenly, 5 years ago, the planisphere started to be centered around a new Ocean. The Pacific Ocean.

Our house is looking full west and for many evenings, many days we looked west thinking about what was beyond the Puget Sound that we see from our deck


Then I started to travel to India, Japan, China and Singapore… and discovered a new world. Truly.

Every time I was coming back from Asia I felt energized, pumped and excited like when I joined Microsoft for the first time 10 years ago.


So at one point Francoise and I decided that we had to do something about that. For us and for the kids and that, after Europe and the US we should go to Asia. So, here we are, happy to leave for Singapore in a few days and sad to leave you.


IN conclusion I would like to make an announcement and a declaration


The announcement first : I told you that yesterday I sold one of our cars. The good news is that we have one more car to sell. This is a great SAAB perfectly maintained. It is parked on the parking and if you have a check book with you, you can leave with it today !! J



The declaration now: a few days ago Francoise and I celebrated our first kiss… 20 years ago. And after 20 years, I never loved you so much Francoise. I wanted to thank you for who you are and for accepting, one more tyme, to move to a new continent.




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