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Trips Tips and Tricks…

September 1, 2006

Ok, now that I have to travel a lot across the region… I need to organize things a little bit better than in the past. Below I compiled some of the most useful travel and trips resources I collected here and there. Special thanks to Business 2.0 who wrote a nice article on this topic a few months back.

Book trips in advance

Check vaccination…are you still ok? Make sure you have a little yellow card from OMS / WHO with you + one small name card with your personal contact info, allergies and rhesus

Change enough cash before leaving and make sure you know how much will cost your trip to the hotel from the airport…before arriving at the airport. Simply ask the hotel. Also, make sure that you know how long it takes to go downtown or to your hotel… 🙂 Incheon Airport (Seoul) to downtown is almost 90 minutes for example.

Read GlobeSmart (sorry, only for Microsoft ; very cool internal site on cultural differences and practical info)

Review international SOS resources

Currency Converter

Flight Status

International Time

IntNews.cfm?Img=In&pg=International%20News IntNews.cfm?Img=In&pg=International%20News


International Phone Directory

International Airports


International Internet Cafes

../../../buymembership/temp/Safety_Tips_2003.pdf ../../../buymembership/temp/Safety_Tips_2003.pdf

Travel Health

Visa ATM


Money Converter

Internet cafes directory in the world

Babelfish translations

Airport Directory

Flight Delay information US

World holiday

World Fact Book

World Maps

World Travel documents

CDC Travel Health warning


MSNBC Weather

Boing Connexion 20% discount

Embassy Directory

Cell Hire cell rental 

China specific requirements

Worldwide Emergency program


If equipment and/or products are for temporary use in China and will be hand carried back from China, the traveler must declare these equipment and/or products to Customs. Traveler must inform his/her appropriate contact at MS China department of the visit and provide MS China import specialist, Si-rong Peng (, (at least 1 day prior to departure for China) complete information on equipment/product description, unit value/price and quantity. > fast rewards programs > Free Wifi hotspots > sefl explanatory ; advice on food diet

TravelCell > $30 per week

Zagat $25 > click to call service / annual subscription service

Hotels and resorts directs

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