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Team building @ school and considerations on luck…

November 4, 2006
A few weeks ago Hugo and his class went on a field trip. The idea is pretty simple: why wait the end of the year to get together as a class and celebrate, when you can do that at the beginning of the year to make sure that kids bond together as early as possible and spend a great year knowing each other more personally.
This is based on this pretty simple and clever idea that Hugo spent one week together on the island of Bintan. Loads of activities, and visit of an orphenage. Hugo came back of this visit really moved. Since we arrived here, he and his sisters realize more and more how everythinhg is fragile and how lucky they are to be born where they did. They also pay more attention to things around them…and to people than they did when in the US or even in France. I guess that they are getting older too and "wiser"… even if I doubt sometimes…
Jacques, a friend of us, came a few days ago in Singapore. He lives in India with his wife and 3 kids. He told about the daily life in Delhi and how the kids realizes even more how lucky being born in the right place at the right time, in the right family…is even more important. But like all of us they realize that it is extremely hard for the "unlucky" to have a decent life. But many believe, and more and more demonstrate, that not being lucky is not an fate and that things can be changed: micro credit grows faster and faster, giving more and more people a chance to live their life in their own terms, associations and NGO redistribute money and goods given by the lucky, volunteers go build houses for the poor. All that seems too little, too small, incredibly derisory. It is not and there is today, hundreds of way for everyone to help someone else and share money, time, hope. This is just a question of trying…a first time.
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