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Culture shock..

February 11, 2007

I just came back to Europe a few hours ago. This is my first
trip in Europe after several months. Since we moved from Seattle to Singapore I
did not have a chance to return to my home continent. This week is 3GSM in Barcelona
and after 13 hours of flights from Singapore I landed in Charles de Gaulle.
What a zoo… what a mess J
people are cutting lines, shouting, become irritable for nothing. OK it was
6:00 am in the morning and a lot of people were tired but is that a reason to
be so mad at each other and angry… anyhow I was not terribly impressed by
how my compatriots and fellow citizens welcome visitors in their country. And the
PAF (Police de l Air et des Frontieres) was evidently as irritable as everyone
else. They treat a young mom with her kids really badly. I plan to send them a
special letter. OK it will probably not change anything but at least they will
know that some of us are really tired of this attitude. Anyhow, I am now in a
Lounge at Barcelona, waiting for the next flight to bring my luggage from Paris…
Yep, it did not make it on time… What a surprise huh? Watching,
religiously, the mass on TV, broadcasted on TVE. This is Sunday and the Spanish
business men around me are evidently more inspired by the mass than by Wall
Street Journal or CNN headline news. I forgot how religious Spain could be.
Reminds me old souvenirs of my childhood here.

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